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Ace Aviation Services
Aviation is an industry that is always advancing with new information and technology.  Failure to stay informed or getting complacent with the skills you have already learned can be catastrophic.  At Ace Aviation we offer a wide variety of seminars to keep pilots informed and flying safe.  We take pride in offering the most up to date high quality instruction in every class to leave attendees feeling fully confident and safe in their aviation abilities.  Class sizes are kept small as to be fully interactive with each attendee.    Fly safe, Fly with confidence, Train with ACE!

Current Courses Offered:

Performance / Weight & Balance

In this interactive class we will examine a few specific
aviation accidents related to performance and weight & 
balance issues. The class will carry each student completely
through Task F in the private pilot PTS and all line items 
will be covered in preparation for the practical test. We will
also discuss several variations of manufacturer performance
charts and at the completion of this class each attendee will leave feeling fully capable and confident determining performance calculations for their airplane. Not only will attendees leave feeling confident in performance but also in their ability to SAFELY and accurately load their aircraft. We will examine weight as one issue and balance as another and discuss the consequences of exceeding any of these limitations. Class sizes are kept small so that the class can be an open discussion type environment and as we work through several examples of weight and balance problems attendees are encouraged to interact. 


How comfortable are you as a pilot navigating through 
class D, C, or even B airspace? Are you familiar with the 
National Airspace System and the services offered to you 
as a pilot? You will leave this class with a thorough 
understanding of the National Airspace Hierarchy and special 
use airspace. We will discuss in detail the communication and 
equipment requirements for operating in each airspace as well as review 
the procedures and dialog for entry and transition. Pilots of all experience levels will benefit from this class and leave with a better understanding of the airspace system which ultimately leaves you feeling safe and confident when operating through any phase of flight. Speak with professionalism and confidence the next time you interact with ATC. Let your knowledge be the foundation for safe operation. 

Above are just a few of the upcoming classes offered by Ace Aviation Seminars.  Stay tuned for more info on upcoming classes and future events.  To RSVP please see our contact page or call us directly at: (706)238-2425.  

If you are a flight school or flight instructor requesting a specific seminar in your area please contact us via phone or email and let us know how we can best serve you!

Events and Competetions

2017 ​Spot Landing Competition

Come out and enjoy a day of fun, food, prizes and AIRPLANES!!! Ace Aviation Seminars will
be hosting the 3rd Annual Spot Landing Competition

When​: Saturday September 9, 2017
If rained out: Saturday September 16,2017
Where: KRMG (Rome, GA Airport)
RSVP Ryan Underwood: 706-238-2425

Cash Prizes, Trophies, Vendors, everyone welcome.  Entry fee for all competitors $75
Spectator entry FREE! 

Coming Soon!!!
Private Pilot Online Ground School

Learn To Fly from Zero to Hero with this complete online private pilot course.  We will walk you through all the steps to becoming a private pilot and you can do this on your time from your home.  COMING SOON!  we are working daily to get this to you ASAP!!
Aviation Weather

Weather can be one of the most intimidating
 factors to any pilot during the flight planning process.  
What weather reports should I get?  Where can I get 
weather information? How do I interpret /
 read weather reports?  These are all questions you will
 leave this seminar feeling completely confident about.  
We will examine various weather reports and forecasts 
with real life scenario based questions to ensure each 
attendee has a complete understanding.  You will leave this seminar with the total confidence and abilities required to safely and accurately interpret weather information for all phases of flight.   If you are a student pilot seeking to gain knowledge for the practical test or if you are a high time pilot just looking to keep your edge or seek currency review training then this class is for you! Fly SAFE! Fly with CONFIDENCE! Train with ACE!

Please call for the next scheduled class (706) 238-2425
Part 107 UAS Certification   "FAA Commercial Drone License"

Ace Aviation is proud to offer the only Part 107 UAS certification course  that you are guaranteed to pass!  All training is conducted one on one with a highly trained Certified Flight Instructors.  If you are a brand new drone operator with zero experience or if you are a seasoned UAV pilot this class is for you and you will leave with a part 107 certification "Commercial Drone License" in hand guaranteed.  In this course you will receive one on one classroom instruction to prepare you for the FAA UAS pilot knowledge exam but we do not stop there.  We will also cover different types of drone operations and help you discover the best suited vehicle for your specific application.  We will provide hands on training at our facility with one of the Latest drones on the market.  At Ace Aviation we do not just pile you down with material to take the test, we cover each subject in detail one on one and teach you to actually fly the equipment you are testing for.